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Setting Up <strong>in the Philippines</strong>

Setting Up in the Philippines

Business enterprises in the Philippines come in different forms – sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Gorriceta will advise you in selecting the most profitable but cost-effective business structure and assist in the entire registration process in compliance with existing Philippine laws.
Financial and Transactional<strong> Advisory</strong>

Financial and Transactional Advisory

Every business is prone to challenges and risks, such that every business decision requires diligent planning. Gorriceta will help you identify and mitigate potential business risks, explore your funding options, provide creative financing strategies, assist you on complex transactions, advise you on the management of your cash flow and how to maintain your liquidity, and create an exit plan in case you wish to cease business operations.


Knowing where the business stands financially is critical in making business decisions to accomplish more significant goals. As managing the business’s books consumes time and to help you focus more on business operations, Gorriceta offers bookkeeping services from collating pertinent documents, recording transactions, financial reporting, and other managerial reporting to the safekeeping of documents for future use.
Tax <strong>Compliance</strong>

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is often a demanding task for business operators and can drain the business’s resources. Gorriceta will help you identify, assess, and estimate possible tax liabilities for your business under existing tax laws and regulations, assist you from business registration to the retirement of business operations, ensure that you are paying the correct taxes and the right amount of taxes, and advise you on proper courses of action and alternative tax-efficient policies and procedures.
Corporate <strong>Secretarial</strong>

Corporate Secretarial

Ensuring corporate compliance is essential but a time-consuming task. Gorriceta, as your Corporate Secretary, will assist you in maintaining good corporate governance, meeting all the corporate entity’s regulatory and legal obligations, planning and managing board meetings, keeping and updating the corporation’s books and documents, drafting board resolutions, and other similar secretarial functions.


In this digital age, cybersecurity has become a core in business enterprises, and as attackers get more creative, businesses cannot afford to put off cybersecurity efforts. Gorriceta will help ease the burden of protecting your business’s data and privacy by providing effective and practical cybersecurity approaches, such as identifying, assessing, preventing, and mitigating potential cybersecurity risks. Gorriceta will likewise assist you in data privacy, data protection, data privacy assessments, data privacy law compliance, data breaches, data regulatory issues, and data ethics.

ESOP and ESOP Solutions

One of the key factors to attract best talents to a company is to offer long-term employee benefit. Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) is a plan designed to provide employees with an ownership interest in the company by investing primarily in stock of the employer. Companies used this as mechanism for achieving shareholder liquidity while providing equity incentives to their employees. Gorriceta have designed and completed these transactions over the years. Through our Partner, Svested, we bring a creative, yet practical approach to structuring transactions and finding solutions. Svested offers an integrated platform for ESOP and CapTable management which allows founders and employees view and manage their ESOP. It likewise supports entrepreneurs by digitalizing and handling their administrative matters for a minimal fee.


Employees are valuable assets of an organization. Thus, ensuring their welfare and protection is an investment. Through its insurance broker partner, Gorricerta help you decide the applicable and most efficient insurance policies for your employees. We help you choose among the comprehensive line-up of Employee Benefit programs and Life Insurance products which include HMO Plans, Health Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, OFW Insurance, Employee Retirement Plan funding mechanisms, Credit Group Life Insurance/Mortgage Redemption Insurance and various health and wellness programs.
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